Emmie’s World

I enjoy long-winded blogs, ingesting copious amounts of vegetables, using canvas bags for grocery shopping (when I remember to bring them), carbohydrates, climbing trees, pulpy orange juice, crunchy peanut butter,  finding new music, modal fabric, and being awesome.

I write urban fantasy, and I have finished my first novel.  In case you’re not sure what I mean by “urban fantasy,” I mean vampire-y, witch-y, shapeshifter-y sorts of things with a healthy influence from the epic fantasy genre.   Think Kim Harrison meets David Eddings, if I had to compare it with something.  I keep another blog about my exploits as a writer, relating specifically to the writing process and my progress through the realm of hopeful future publication.  🙂  Feel free to visit as you see fit and send out a “yop!” to let me know you’re there if you do.

This blog tends to be about the more day-to-day exploits and thoughts and…well…meanderings of my mind.  I’m not here to pick a fight; I’m just thinking out loud.

  1. I like your blog…

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