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Food for Thought and Sleepytime, Too!

This week I returned from a lovely Memorial Day weekend to a vicious slap in the face from my scale.  It was unnerving.  It was glowing.  It frightened me.

I realized that:

1.  I have been eating waaaaaaaaaay too much.  By that I mean that I’ve been eating probably 1000 calories a day more than my body requires.
2.  What I eat has been too unhealthy.
3.  I am out of shape.
4.  My hinter region is the talk of my boyfriend’s work. (In a positive sense, but still.)
5.  I have gained 30 pounds since last May.
6.  Some of my health issues could very well be attributed to my lack of good nutrition in addition to the more obvious causes of stress and car accident.
7.  Something big needs to shift, and now.  Not later.

I do not want to be one of those people who ends up waddling around and feeling downtrodden about the diet that failed again.  I do not want to die of heart disease, cancer, or any other preventable malady.  I want to live a long and healthy life.  I want to play actively with my future progeny.  I would love to play actively with the progeny of my future progeny.  I want to fit into my size 6 pants.  I want my flat tummy back.  If those things are going to be a reality, I need to start making some lifestyle changes.  Not diet. But changes in the way I live my life in order to respect my body and use it wisely.

Even though I started the exercise bit before leaving for Memorial Day, I’ve kicked it up a bit since.  I’ve set a goal of doing at least 10 minutes of cardio exercise per day, but so far I’ve been doing 30.  I’ve started tracking food and calories and fitness on SparkPeople.  I’m drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day.  I’m making a concerted effort to buy vegetables, fruits, and to make my own breads when possible.

Progress so far?  According to my scale yesterday, I’ve dropped 5 pounds.  Ish.  Part of that could be due to the fact that my weight upon my return had jumped up about 8, so some of the loss could be artificial, but hey.  It’s a start.  Other observations are:  since exercising every day, I both have more energy and sleep better; my tummy is flatter; my skin looks better and feels softer.

All of that is good.  Plus, I made a kickass lunch today consisting of a homemade tortilla, 1/4 cup each of black beans and sweet corn, some green chili salsa, a bit of mexican cheese, and 2 tablespoons of light sour cream.  All in all, it was less than 500 calories, and it was filling and delicious.  So good I am probably going to make it again tomorrow.  Homemade tortillas?  Awesome.  Love it.

For a snack today I had a bunch of cherries.  Then I got really sleepy.  Then I stumbled across an article about cherries.  Apparently they are really high in melatonin.  No wonder I got drowsy.

Eat some cherries.  Then take a nap.  Sound perfect?  It should.