Away We Go

I know this is the second time I’ve blogged about a movie in the past week or so, but this one blows the other out of the water.

I just watched Away We Go.  The basic gist of it is that it’s about a couple who travel across the continent looking for a place to raise their baby after getting pregnant rather unexpectedly.

I’m left with an overwhelming homesickness…for a place I’ve never been.  I don’t know where home is yet, but I yearn for it.  I realized recently that I’ve simply assumed crash positions for most of my life.  I barely even bother to unpack or find a place for things anymore when I move somewhere new because there’s always yet another move looming around the next corner.  I’m very tired of moving.  I want to go home, and I don’t know where it is.

In addition to this sentiment, the charm of seahorses has now been tarnished.


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  1. I feel the same way about home. About being nostalgic for a place one’s never been.

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