silver is the lining

i’ve had a lot of time in the last week to think about timing.  when my car broke, i felt an odd combination of emotion.  there was the frustration, the helplessness, the gnashing of teeth — but there was also a certain element of relief for several reasons.  first of all, it enabled me to (forced me to, really) completely re-do my entire dc planning, which resulted in my decision to fly there and ship my stuff.  second, it will save me money in the long run.  actually, in the short run, too.  between gas, insurance, registration, title, maintenance, and storage costs for my stuff, i’ll save about $750 in the next three months alone.  not bad.  so when i factor in the part where my car only brought me $80 (ugh), it takes some of the sting out.  a little.

also, not having a car in dc will be nice.  i lived without a car for a year and a half in poland, and that was awesome.  i am actually really looking forward to it.  although i do need to invest in an umbrella.  so the silver linings abound there.

the biggest one though is the timing.  this could have totally happened a month ago.  or two months ago.  and i would have been tremendously screwed.

i’m also currently sick.  have been for a week or so.  this is also good timing.  i’d rather be sick now than say…may 14.  just sayin’.  so i’m dealing with the curveballs the universe is throwing at me.

also, the fact that i’m carless is meaning that i get to spend a lot more time with friends as they ferry me to and fro.  which is exciting.  good to build up happy friend time before i go.

basically, it may be raining now (and slated to do so through the rest of my time in nashville), but there are many silver linings to be seen.

i’m ready to get to dc.  ready to see what happens next in this life of mine.  come along for the ride.  take my hand.  ready?



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Saving the world from brooding, one self-actualized vampire at a time.

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