my bronchial tubes may hate me for saying this, but they suck.  at least this bout of nastiness isn’t nearly as bad as its predecessors.  maybe i really have gotten healthier.

what i would like right now is this:  curl up in bed, have someone tuck me in or just lay next to me, maybe brush my hair off my face, and kiss my forehead.  and just be close to me.  that’s all it takes to make me happy when i’m sick.  not even sympathy, just…tenderness.  guess i’ll pretend.

benadryl.  hm.  you’re kicking in a bit faster than i expected.  *blink*

lots of thoughts floating through the emmie skull.  three weeks now.  long drive, five hundred miles.  so many new things are ahead of me.  new streets to learn, new buildings, new people.  some familiar faces.  time’s going fast and slow at the same time.  every time i turn around, it’s closer, but somehow still so far away.  one of these days, i’ll wake up, and all of the sudden, it will be here, and i’ll wonder how on earth that happened.  but today’s not that day.  today it doesn’t seem quite real.  but maybe that’s the benadryl talking.  pretty sure the benadryl’s behind my droopy eyelids and the fuzzy light.  definitely sleepy.  blogging right now might not be the best idea, but i’ve always been a bit of a rebel.  independent streak a nautical mile wide.  or something.

i miss………

my bed is awfully comfy.  i like my nest of pillows.  i have to have one around to put betweeen my knees.  i keep a skinny one for that, then i cuddle up between two others on either side of the bed, curl up on my side, and hug my soft microfoam pillow.  my comforter is all sorts of cuddly.  it’s pretty much the recipe for the perfect bed.  add in the fan blowing cool air from above (not to mention drowning out any noise that would keep me awake), and i sleep like a little baby.  mm, sleep.

*ponders*  i just made my bed sound pretty damn good.  i think i am going to use it now.


me in about five seconds

me in about five seconds


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Saving the world from brooding, one self-actualized vampire at a time.

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