fortune favors the brave

i have this thing i do.  i save the fortunes i get at asian restaurants every time i go.  as a result, i have amassed quite a collection.  some of them are vague, some oddly specific, some rather whimsical.  i feel about fortunes about like i feel about horoscopes — they’re interesting to read, sometimes they’re eerily on the mark, sometimes they’re not even in the same hemisphere, and most of the time there is an element of the self-fulfilling prophecy about them.  anyway.  i thought i would share some of them, since i found a big wad of them in my wallet today.  older ones firstish, to the best of my memory and judgment of how ratty they are.

you will soon be crossing great waters. this one was hilarious, mainly because i got it right before i flew across the atlantic to poland.

someone’s kindness will surprise and delight you. a bit of a moot point, since i take quite a lot of delight in people’s kindness, but nice all the same.

your personality is great; use it proudly — don’t debate. the forced rhyme there is kind of funny, but the point’s pretty clear.  life’s too short to be anyone besides me — and i would be a crappy anyone else anyway.  not sure how great i am, but i do my best.

good things come to those who wait.  be patient. if there is anything i’ve perfected in my life, it’s the art of delayed gratification.  always seems to be one more hurdle.  i don’t even open birthday cards when they show up before 18 november.  and when it comes to important stuff, well…sometimes a bit of waiting pays off.

your dearest wish will come true. good.  now if i could just figure out what it is, i’d be set.

the next full moon will bring an enchanting evening. i think i stayed home alone in my pajamas, but i hear i’m quite charming that way.

remember, being happy is not always being perfect. this implies that it’s possible for a human being to be perfect.  perfection is overrated.

you will have full contentment by summer’s end. i’m not sure if i got this in summer 2007 or summer 2008, but either way, this fortune’s predictive capabilities are a bit on the very very wrong side.

your smile is a curve that can get a lot of things straight. it’s pretty much my secret weapon.

listen attentively.  you will come out ahead. good advice regardless of who you are.  good listeners are few and far between.

someone you care about seeks reconciliation. i don’t think i was on the fritz with anyone when i got this one…but then i seldom am.  if ever.  i can’t remember the last fight i had with a friend….but that may be because i avoid conflict.

aaaaand from the last few months — these make me laugh:

you should be able to undertake and complete anything. how exciting.  go team me.

take that chance you’ve been considering. on it.

you will find good fortune in love. *raises eyebrow*

so there you have it.  the product of my quirky little habit.  one of them, anyway.  as you can see, it seems the gods are on my side at the moment.  at least the gods of panda express, august moon, talk of the thai (tott–best thai in denver), and various other random restaurants anyway.

…and if all else fails, it’s fun to add “in bed” to the end of these things.

on bed.

on bed.

nighty-night, all.


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