it’s gonna be a bright, bright…

sunshine-y day…

this week is off to a rollicking start.  i woke up this morning after a series of unpleasant dreams that left a bad taste in my mouth (no, not morning breath).  but then the good started.  the first bit was purely superficial–my weekly weigh-in put me at 150.  which means i have lost 12 pounds since i started my diet.  i’ve never been fat, but i was feeling a bit scuzzy and my pants were tight, so i decided to take some control of my body.  in a way, my triumphs in that arena are a good metaphor for how i feel about the rest of my life right now–trimming down, getting rid of the excess so i’m as streamlined and efficient as possible.  ha.

so, it’s a good feeling.  great, even.  i’m almost to my goal weight of 145, which is where i was when i left poland.  i feel good in my clothes, i grin at myself when i dance around in my underwear in front of the mirror, and my bathing suit looks quite attractive.  so this is of the good.  🙂

then i did my taxes.  i’m an odd duck–i like paying taxes.  i feel like it’s my duty to my country.  i feel patriotic when i pay taxes.  i know it makes it possible for me to drive on the roads, enjoy beautiful natural areas like glacier and yellowstone–near where i grew up in montana, and pays for our school systems.  i also like to pretend that the money i pay goes toward helping my mom on medicaid and disability.  she wouldn’t be okay without that.  so i feel good about paying my taxes.  even though i don’t pay a whole lot.

this year, i actually got a big old refund, so that put a smile on my face as well.  it’s all going to finance my move, to move me forward into a new life.  and i couldn’t be more excited about that if i tried.  i’m buoyant.  i think if anyone in dc were to look my direction, they could see me beaming from nashville.  🙂  i’m quite happy.

today i’m going to take a walk.  for now, i’m listening to denali–which also makes me excited for dc, because i get to see them in concert in two short months.  i’m wearing my leaf earrings today and i feel rather wondrous.  six short weeks.  i’m ready to get out there and make it happen.


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