postsecret is a bit of a volatile sort of website.  some people love it, because they can relate.  some hate it, because they think it’s internet voyeurism.  which it is, of course.  i wanted to share some of this week’s secrets and my thoughts about them.

i think we all feel this way sometimes.

i think we all feel this way sometimes.

today my smile is real.  i found cake on my desk this morning, the coffee machine started churning out coffee when it wasn’t supposed to, and i sent out a mass email about the cake, questioning its origins.  in response, i’ve gotten several emails saying that i made people’s day.  my email was as follows:

Hello Everyone,

This morning, I came in to discover two tupperware containers of cake on my desk, along with a clear plastic fork.  I’m not sure if someone lost their cake (which would be very sad) or if I am meant to have this cake, as it was rather ambiguously situated.

If you lost some cake or were attempting to donate it to me (or to someone else in the office), please let me know.  Cake is a terrible thing to waste in these troubled economic times.


ah, internet.

ah, internet.

this makes me wonder how many people out there are getting to know others solely by reading what they post online, living vicariously, creating a fantasy world in which they know these people.  you can google someone and find out huge amounts of information if that person has a myspace, facebook, blog, or other online profile.  are we ever going to go back to getting to know one another face to face?  or are we really just that lazy?

timing's a bitch.

timing's a bitch.

how often does this happen?  how often do we let something great slip through our fingers when we should speak up?  how often is the timing just plain wrong?  i’ll never know the answers to those questions, but one thing’s for sure–i’ll never stop lamenting how this happens.

this makes me sad.

this makes me sad.

sometimes i can’t help but fear this.  women want sex a lot more than guys give us credit for.  we want you to want us.  we don’t want you to choose a breakfast food over making love to us.

i may not be marilyn, but it's still  hot.

i may not be marilyn, but it's still hot.

to end on a happy note…go about the rest of your day and smile like you’ve got a secret, whether you’re not wearing underwear or have just realized that you can empower yourself to just be you.


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